Variety : Hybrid seedless watermelon with ‘Sugar Baby’ type. Maturity : 90-95 days. Fruit weight : 7-9 kg (16-18 lb). Deep bright red flesh, dark green skin, very suitable for remote transportation. Big-sized seedless watermelon with round fruits. Rind color is completely black with no stripes, which is distinguishable from seedless DARK SWEET’s wide stripes over dark rind. Total yield is comparable to similar seedless watermelon varieties sold in your market. Brix content : 13 %. Very strong plant growth and resistant to heat, Cercospora cruenta, Mycosphaerella melonis and Phytophtora melonis. – Specialty : It is easy to grow, while its flesh color has a very attractive red color. Yield is stable and tolerant to harsh cultivation situation. – Trial Suggestion : Might be a star for those 1). watermelon cultivation areas where seeded ones are beginning to be replaced by seedless ones; 2). Dark or black rind watermelons are welcome or OK; 3). Traditionally DARK SWEET growing areas where farmers want bigger sized fruits.


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