Plants are indeterminate, vigorous  with good foliage covering. Sets fruits very well with about 20-50 fruits per cluster.  Double  stem pruning may produce more than 500 fruits per plant. Fruit is small, globe-shaped slightly oblong, with uniform red skin at maturity  and weights  12 gram (0.4 oz). Sugar content  is 9%, sweet  and flavorful. Suitable for growing in spring and autumn.  It resists cracking. Early maturity, can be harvested 75 days after sowing. Tolerant/Resistant to BW (bacterial wilt tolerance), TMV (resistance to tomato mosaic virus (TM2a allele), F-1 (resistance to race 1 of fusarium  oxysporum lycopersici), F-2 (resistance to race 2 of fusarium  oxysporum lycopersici), St (resistance to Stemphyllium solani (cause  of gray leaf spot). Other varieties with similar features: TOMATO  F1 CHERRY  2. TOMATO  F1 CHERRY  3. TOMATO  F1 CHERRY  4.


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