A high yielding variety, with vigorous plants of medium tall height, suitable for all growing areas, warm to temperate alike. Excellent fruit setting. Fruits have blocky shape, dark green to dark red color at full maturity, thick fruit wall (5 mm). Fruits dimensions : 9 -10 cm (3.54 – 3.93 in.) long x 9 cm (3.54 in.) wide,  3 to 4 lobes with thick flesh. Ideal for export or remote transportation. Fruit Weight: 270 – 280 gram (0.60 lb). Very good flavor. Continuous fruiting habit and high yields. Maturity (Medium-early) : 70 – 75 days after transplant. Plant size: medium tall and a little sprawling with rather long green leaves. General diseases resistances : Downy Mildew, BW, TMV, Anthracnose


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