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F1 Super Green is a cylindrical, shiny green eggplant variety with vigorous and abundant growth. Fruits are very uniform in size and shape and show a very good shelf life. Fruit shape is long (about 25-27 cm) and straight, with weight around 200-220 gram. Very high yield potential. Maturity is 40-45 days after transplanting (early maturity). The first harvest will occur around 3 weeks days after initial flowering. Average yield is 7-8 fruits per plant.

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Sticky soft pearl-white kernels very tender (excellent eating quality). Good for mulching and open field growing. Medium maturity of 90 days after sowing (60 days in tropical areas). Ear : 20-22 cm in length and 5.5- 6 cm in diameter. 320 gram on average, 14-18 rows of kernels. Excellent tip fill and very good husk cover. Good shelf life and high production of uniform cobs. Plants are about 1.8- 2 m high. This variety has a wide adaptability to tropical conditions. It develops a strong root system and has good tolerance to lodging and rust.

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Dense full double flower cushions with crested centre on long stems, base-branching, long lasting flowers.